Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Win MIFFF 2010 Tickets at SIFF 2010 Midnight Adrenaline Screenings

MIFFF is pleased to announce that it's an official sponsor of SIFF's Midnight Adrenaline film track. Midnight Adrenaline returns to SIFF with an overdose of highly addictive, unpredictable, and suspense-inducing features for the cult film junkie. MIFFF will be holding a trivia contest before some of the screenings with the prizes being a full weekend pass to the 2010 Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival.

SIFF showcases an onslaught of classic genre film including a zombie apocalypse, slasher backwoods hillbillies (sort of), medieval fantasy games, and unusually enhanced geishas.

Cult-classic grindhouse film reaches a whole new level with Israel Lunaʼs controversial transploitation film, Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives.

Zombie mayhem ensues with a live ZomBcon event at Boom Noodle before the screening of George A. Romeroʼs Survival of the Dead, the sixth zombie film by the godfather of undead cinema.

From Hong Kong, director Pang Ho-Cheung unleashes a gory tale of lifestyle fetishization and a desperate, bloody path towards obtaining oneʼs own Dream Home.

In the kitschy RoboGeisha, Japan presents a twisted take on sibling rivalry as two cybernetic-enhanced geishas combat to win the local steel baronʼs heart.

Amer is a dreamy pastiche tour-de-force of 1970s Italian giallo horror movies that plays out a delirious, enigmatic death-dance of fear and desire.

When their legion is ambushed in Northern Britain, a small platoon of surviving Roman soldiers must evade a revenge-hungry band of barbarian warriors through harsh terrain in an attempt to rescue their general and return to the safety of the Roman frontier in Centurion.

Splice is a 21st century creature feature, two young scientists willfully ignore society's ethical boundaries, and achieve fame by splicing the DNA of different animals into the human genome to create a new species. However, their creation rapidly develops into a beautiful, yet deadly, winged chimera.

The Wild Hunt explores when a medieval live action role playing game can go seriously off track.

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil tells the story of how two hillbilly's have found their perfect “fixer-upper” cabin, but remodeling is never easy, particularly when a group of college co-eds on spring break start killing themselves all over your property.

Trailers for all the films can be found here.

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