Sunday, June 29, 2008

Founding Fathers Of M.I.F.F.F.

Here are the "Founding Fathers" of M.I.F.F.F. From Left to Right: Dan Doody, Rick Tillman, Kelly Young, Eric Morgret, Isaac Alexander, Gabe de los Angeles, & Jimmy Dean Candella. Photo taken at the first staff meeting at Cafe Vita, Seattle Washington.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Staff Mailing List

Planning for the 1st dedicated genre film festival in Seattle is now under way. If you wish to become a part of the staff or volunteer your time at next years event, please join our staff mailing list. If you choose to sign up to join through the link below, please provide the following information.

Full Name
City/State/Province where you live
Event or Film Experience
Reason for wanting to join

Thank you for your support!

Click here to join maelstromfestival
Click to join maelstromfestival

Details about the next meeting will be posted soon.

Monday, June 2, 2008

1st Meeting for New Seattle Genre Film Festival

To Genre Film Fans

The Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival(M.I.F.F.F.) is the Pacific Northwest's premier weekend long event devoted towards independent and international genre film making. The event was created to offer exposure to films that traditionally are overlooked by the festival circuit from genres including action, fantasy, horror, and science fiction. The festival will feature an amazing selection of fantastic films from around the earth – with the possibility of artists presenting the works themselves. U.S. and world premieres will play alongside global festival favorites and select retrospective titles.

Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival(M.I.F.F.F.)

In order to prepare for the Fall 2009 event, we are now in the process assembling a staff and steering committee. We believe that this planning time will ensure a successful launch that will lead to a solid foundation for years to come. We're very excited about meeting fellow genre film fans living in the Pacific Northwest who have a passion for fantastic film making. Details about our first official meeting is listed below.

Who: Pacific Northwest Genre Film Fans
What: M.I.F.F.F. Planning meeting
When: Monday, June 16, 2008 - 7pm-9pm
Where: Caffe Vita
1005 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122
206-709-4440 or (888)223-VITA

Agenda: Meet & Greet, Assembling Staff, Developing A Steering Committee, Evaluation of Venues, Ideas for Event, Miscellaneous Business.
What to bring: Enthusiasm, Contact Information, Resume(Talents you can bring to the event)

Besides our temporary official site on blogspot, you can reach us at our official spaces on the two largest social networks at this time.

Maelstrom on
Maelstrom on

Thank you for reading this message and we look forward to seeing you in the middle of June!


Isaac Alexander & Eric Morgret